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The President's Mystery (1936) - Full Movie

Franklin D. Roosevelt loved detective stories. Despite his adoration of the genre he had a problem with just how formulaic the stories were. So, he started thinking of his own plot which he discussed with his friend Fulton Oursler, a magazine editor. They came up with a plan to take some of the best authors of the era, giving them FDR’s plot, but write it as a round robin. The idea was to have each author write a chapter that would leave the protagonist in a dangerous situation the next author would have to write him out of. While the book was published in 1936, it actually ended on a cliffhanger that wasn't resolved until 1967 when the creator of Perry Mason, Erle Stanley Gardner, tied everything up in a concluding chapter. The book is titled The President’s Mystery Plot.

Cliffhanger: a dramatic and exciting ending to an episode of a serial, leaving the audience in suspense and anxious not to miss the next episode.

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